Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for the weekly Friday Fragments. A great way to blog when nothing is inspirational to you.

Mommy's Idea

It is fall break all around except for those of us WORKING for a university. I'm still trudging along. But the good news is Whitney comes home for her break for a few days. She's got a lineup of doctor and haircut appointments plus we have to get some clothes shopping done. So far all she's asked for food wise is spaghetti and sweet potato fries. And game day food for the football game Saturday.

The cooler weather has meant the windows are open at night. Great to save on the electric bill there.

We tried to do a new chicken recipe this week only to find our bacon had gone bad. So we pulled out our standard "fried" chicken recipe (it is baked) and boy was it tasty. Great to have a standby that tastes so good.

Dan got a new phone this week. He decided to do the same thing as me and get an exact replica replacement as mine. Now they only make them in red. I have a red phone. So now we have two phones that look exactly alike. I forsee many switched phone incidents. At least our ringtones are different. Unless he calls me, then they are the same since I assigned a ringtone to him and it is his normal one. Confusing, yes?

This is the closest I'll come to fall leaves this year. My fake ones on my file cabinet.

No stupid criminals this week of interest. I'm sure there were stupid ones, I just didn't hear about any.

My absentee ballot arrived this week. I need to get it filled out and mailed back. They won't accept me dropping it off at the election board. And they don't tell you how much in postage it needs. Wouldn't you think that would be important? I'm sure it is more than one stamp, but how many? I hate having to drive to the post office to ask how much since I have stamps at home. That's why I bought my stamps avoid the post office.

The study sessions have started for my certification test in December. There are three of us at the university taking it so we are getting together to compare answers and bring our individual knowledge. After one session I realized I know more than most people simply because my job requires me to do a little of everything instead of being on just one side of the process. I think that will do me well on the test.

It is going to rain a lot this weekend here (hopefully). If it helps bring up the water level in the lake, I'll take it raining every day.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Someone told me it takes .65 to mail them in.....I just got my mama's yesterday.

  2. My former city had 2 stupid criminals this week. In New Orleans, two guys went into a bar and loudly bragged about a neighborhood robbery. A patron quickly called the cops, and they are now in jail.

  3. Knowing that I would probably BE a stupid criminal has saved me from an awful life of crime.


  4. I wonder when our fall break is? Not that is matters, I still have to work. Enjoy your weekend and time with Whitney.

  5. We don't get a fall break here either!

    Can you get a phone case? I go to $5 Below and get a couple and then switch them out, so I always know which phone is mine!

  6. We don't get a fall break here, unless you count our week off for Thanksgiving.