Monday, October 8, 2012

Reacting to News

I found out today that a former boss passed away over the weekend. I hear all the glowing remarks about him as a teacher. He was awarded multiple teaching awards. I hear former students say they were guided by him and his teachings to be a better person.

I hear nothing about how he treated his staff when he was an administrator. He was the worst boss I have ever had. I went home and cried on multiple occasions after a day at the office. He treated his staff like we were servants. When he and his wife adopted a child, he never told me, his personal secretary. Baby gifts would arrive but he never gave us the courtesy of any knowledge. He couldn't spell my name correctly. He was a cheapskate who turned in receipts for $1 coke when he was making 10 times my salary.

By now I have moved on. It has been 20 years since I worked for him. I am a different person. Maybe he was too.


  1. I will leave you with the essence of the comments left on a post I wrote earlier in the week.

    It's your anger, own it. And move on.

    Some people are just jerks. And everyone sees people in the light in which they see them. My ex's family thought he was a great father who loved his kids so much. I knew better. His second wife could not understand why we were always in court. I knew it was because he put us there.

    The only hope is that he was a better person later in life.

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  3. Some people just don't know how to treat others-all we can do is feel sorry for them and keep on being kind, caring people. I too have had bosses like the one you describe in my past--we can both only hope he did change with the years.

  4. I can relate to the effect a bad boss can have on you. It can make having to go to work terrible and can add stress to your probably already stressful life that can make each day almost unbearable. The most anyone can do in that situation is find a way out.

    But to carry that with you for 20 years is a bit much. All that does is give said person power over you and your life, even still. It would be much better to just accept that it was the way it was, be glad it isn't anymore and let it go.

  5. Most people tend to remember the good things about someone instead of the bad when they die. Ya never know, he may have changed or might have died being a jerk, lol. I hope he learned from his mistakes!