Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fragments - Bundle Up It's Cold Outside

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for this week's installment of Friday Fragments. Everybody join in now.

Mommy's Idea

As my post title suggests it is cold outside. That's really the first time I've said that all winter. We've had a mild one but the last two days has been cold and snowy. It doesn't take much to get us excited when it precipitates of any kind. Everyone was taking snow pictures yesterday.

I know it doesn't seem like much but it was so pretty...big fluffy flakes. And then it rained and melted it all away. :( Although I am not unhappy about the rain just that it made the pretty go away.

So that was Wednesday. Thursday brought sleet (yuck). They ended up delaying work by 2 hours, cancelling all the public schools because it hit right around 6:30-7:00. There was no way the buses could go anywhere. By 10 when I drove to work, the roads were pretty good.

Instead of stupid criminals this week, I bring you stupid legislation. Someone in my state introduced a bill that would make married couples unable to divorce for "incompatibility" if they had been married for more than 10 years or if there are children in the home. Now I'm all for marriage but you can't tell people they can't get a divorce because they've been married too long. Really? I'm hoping that this dies in committee.


  1. WOW, that is an "interesting" piece of legislation. Don't you wonder sometimes who thinks up this stuff?? Sheesh!

  2. Feel blessed with your snow amount. Ours just keeps coming.

    I would VETO that bill.

  3. How can they tell people they CANT get divorced? Geez... soon, they'll tell people they cant get married

  4. I was just going to say what Rebecca said...they are going to say people cannot get married.
    I do wonder who dreams this stupid stuff up..
    We have had no real snow to speak of here just a dusting every Friday night for the past few weeks. It sure is frigid though.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Well, an interesting factoid about the 'incompatibility' divorce thing: it's a brain child of the feminist movement and is primarily filed by women. Prior to that, there had to be some catalyst for the divorce proceeding to begin (adultery or abuse of some sort).

    I dunno. I happen to think that incompatibility is a stupid reason for divorce. I don't buy it that folks fall out of love. They just stopped caring or trying, not really worthy of a divorce. I wonder if this legislation is more for the kids aspect?? Any way, there are always 2 sides to every coin, I just wonder what this one is??

    Yay for your snow.

  6. Next they are going to legislate our panty choices. Sigh.

    Let them pass it, because I can guarantee you all kinds of fault divorces will increase in the months following. You want a divorce? Go ahead and commit adultery, you're free to go. Oh, can't get along, but can't get divorced? Just slap him, spousal abuse gets you out of the marriage [into jail, mind you, but out of the marriage nonetheless] - The list is endless and STUPID. Sometimes I don't think our elected officials think with the right part of their bodies, if they do at all.

    Trying to get divorced with children in some areas of where I was divorced is a bunch of hoops everyone should think very long and hard about ever doing. The one with the most [bribery] money is the one that always wins here. If there is no money in the marriage, then all decisions are based on what level of hangover/fight with their spouse the presiding judge had that day. I would not wish a divorce with children on anyone here.

    And just so you know, and don't have to explain to me what I just wrote ::grinning:: I was kidding about passing that law, having an affair or ever hitting or emotionally abusing a spouse [or anyone]. I am not kidding about the court system in the fine state I resided in while divorcing my ex. In all the years I had to be involved I saw everything I mentioned and only one time did I ever meet a fair and equitable judge. Unfortunately he was not my judege [he was my sister's] and he was retired well before my ex decided drugs and other women were better than marriage to me. It still took me 7 years to get a divorce from him because he had it in to keep me from remarrying and got the court systems to play along.

    So really? Who needs legislation. They're already doing it there. ::laughing:: I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  7. In our state there used to be common law marriage. If you lived with someone for more than 7 years, you were considered to be common law married, and could have all the entitlements of a married couple.

    I would LOVE to propose common law divorce, as if you haven't lived together for more than ten years, you could be considered divorced. But it would NEVER fly... there's too much money to be made in the dismantling of a lifetime of promises.

  8. So glad you had some pretty snow, spring is just around the corner and I'm enjoying every last flake before they melt away.