Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - On Top of Old Smokey

Here we go again. Thanks to Joyce I don't have to plan out my Wednesday blog post. Thanks!

1. When were you last 'on a mountaintop'? You may answer in the literal or figurative sense.
Joyce keeps asking me questions that I have to answer from our Alaska trip. I'm picking when I was "over a mountain" for this one. We flew around Mount McKinley and it was fantastic.

2. Do you establish and maintain a strict budget in your household? What is one piece of financial advice you would offer someone just starting out on their own?

We've been married so long that we don't have a strict budget. Neither of us are big spenders so structure right now isn't as important as it was early on in our marriage when we barely made any money. Dan used to have a sheet where he wrote every single expense so we could keep track of it because his income was flexible and not a steady pay day.

My advice would be don't over spend. You may think you need the fancy stuff or clothes or vacations but you eventually have to pay for it. I'm very proud of the fact that we've made it on our own. Debt isn't bad but make sure it is manageable.

3. Cherries-yay or nay? Cherry pie, cherry cola, black forest cake, or a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia...pick one.

I'll go with black forest cake. Not that I ever eat it but that sounds the best of all of those.

4. Should you ever discuss religion or politics with people you don't know?

Never. I don't even like discussing it with people I DO know.

5. When you take a road trip do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger? Where were you headed
on your last road trip?

Last road trip was to the Texas Gulf Coast for our Christmas vacation. We traded back and forth driving. I used to always be a passenger but a few years ago started driving and I like to do it.

6. If we peeked inside your closet, what color would we say is most prevalent?

Probably deep red/maroon/plum shades. I look good in those colors and am always drawn to those clothes when shopping.

7. Who's your favorite senior citizen and why are they special?

I would hate to classify anyone as a senior citizen so I respectfully decline to name someone. :)

8. Insert your own random thought here.

So I was wrong about the Harlem Shuffle. It is the Harlem Shake. I'm showing my age by not even being able to name something correctly. Here's the version that Whitney's sorority did.

I still don't know what it is. LOL.


  1. What is the Harlem shake, I just do not get it!

  2. There's no picture showing up for me in #8. Car rides make me sleepy so I prefer to be the passenger. I don't mind driving if it's just me, but if hubs is in the car he likes to drive. I answered my mom for #7-she's 82, but would not call herself a senior citizen : )

  3. Dont feel bad - I still dont get it either :)

  4. I always find it interesting that we are usually drawn to the colors that look nice on us. Maybe not all the time, but a lot of the time. :)

  5. Oh, I know of the Harlem Shake! My oldest daughter participated in making a video of all the college kids doing it at her Baptist church, of all places! :)

  6. Never heard of the Harlem Shake and I'd probably never get over it if I tried it. :o)

    Well, I guess at 97 it's okay to call someone a Senior Citizen but I sure don't care for the term if it's concerning me.

    Happy rest of the week!

  7. Our local tv station aired a video of the weekend crew doing the Harlem Shake. It was a little strange to me.

    Your photos are awesome, Alaska looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  8. The Harlem Shake was amusing the first couple of times I saw it. Now, it's getting old. Everyone is posting one from their office or school. A quick fad!