Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrapup - No Pictures

So this weekend has no pictures and no recipes. In fact I keep thinking it went by fast and what did I get out of it?

The big thing was Saturday we went to see Whitney for parent's day at her sorority. It was very nice. We got to meet several of the girls and they are all so nice. No pictures though.

Then we went to an appliance store to look for a new stove/oven. This place was huge and had good prices. We found one we liked and a new range hood. I wanted to go home and research online reviews before purchasing it so I wrote the model down and we came home. It has excellent reviews (it is a Frigidaire) and we will be ordering it later this week after Dan decides if he can change out the range hood himself or if we need to pay to install it. So that should cross another thing off the list.

Because of all that going around on Saturday I didn't make it to the grocery store until Sunday. Good thing I had something in the freezer that I could thaw out quickly for dinner on Saturday.

Sunday was grocery shopping and some house cleanup. We went out to dinner using a groupon I had bought for a local restaurant. So no cooking then either.

The evening ended watching Revenge. There was a death and I had guessed who it was. What was surprising was a certain characters reaction. And now we have to wait two weeks to see what else happens. Darn it.


  1. Oh, good! I have 2 weeks to watch last night's episode to see who died! We have a frigidaire refrigerator & dishwasher...both have worked great for the past 9 years!

  2. We have a very nice stove top and separate oven combo that is Fridgidare. They were top of the line when installed in 1998. Pretty sweet duo. A bit wonky now because of age, but they are still going strong and they definitely get the job done. So really no complaints. I am sure you will be fine.

    Don't watch Revenge. Glad it was a good episode tho'. :) And YAY for seeing your baby. One of ours will be here this weekend and another next weekend for a week/Spring Break. Then everyone converges here for Easter.

    Ask me how excited I am. ::GRINNING:: Still, it would've been nice to visit them this weekend too like you did. Hope she is doing well. Hugs to all, Skip

  3. Applicances are so confusing. I think we've made our decision though. I think. Ha.

    I don't watch Revenge. I'm not sure why, I just haven't been drawn to it.