Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Gown Review

The only reason I watch the Oscars is to see the fashion so I can review it with my critical eye. Those of you who know me are laughing at that last statement. But really I went to one movie last year so I am not exactly on the edge of my seat wanting anyone to win. I enjoyed the witty banter on Twitter last night with Katie, Kim and Rachel. Finally somewhere I can have instantaneous feedback on my wittiness.

So here are the best and worst according to me. Because I really don't care what anyone else things. :)


Jennifer Garner was my top pick last night. Somebody in color (I don't get all the nude/pale stuff that looks horrible on camera but probably great in person). It had a little flair in the back and fit her perfectly.

My next pick isn't even in the's Robin Roberts. She looked radiant in royal blue. Good for her for making a statement with her dress. Loved it.

As much as it pains me to say this, Helen Hunt looked really good. For some reason she always bothers me but she did look good last night.


Oh so many to choose from. Helena Bonham Carter is always on the list so I'll just skip over her. But Amy Adams usually looks so lovely. Last night it looked like a feather duster that had seen better days.

Another bad one was Halle Berry. She said she wanted to look like a Bond girl. She looked like one from Octopussy in the 70's. Not a good look.

And I'm going to have to put Anne Hathaway on this list. It looked like a construction project gone awry in the back and the front wasn't any better.

There are a few more I would put on the worst but I'll stop for now. I'd hate to be super negative to start the week.


  1. Helen Hunt's dress was from H&M, according to the Twitterverse, which would be a very bold choice if true.

    And I am so with you on Anne Hathaway's gown. You know she had all the choices in the world and that was the one she picked?

  2. I HATED Halle Berry's dress. The stripes were giving me headaches.

    Anne Hathaway drove me nuts too - that cut right on her boobs was awful.

    I didnt like Jennifer garner's - I thought it made her too box shaped.

    My fav is probably Sandra Bullock - I thought she was beautiful.

  3. Robin Roberts GLOWED! I love and admire her so much! I detested Anne Hathaway's dress...those darts on the front looked terrible. Oddly enough, I loved Halle Berry's dress. Keep in mind that she'd look good in a brown paper sack! :)

  4. I must agree with you, Halle's dress was horrible but she seems to be making the best dressed list most other places!

  5. I only watched a very few minutes, but Amy's dress was just silly looking, although she could walk through my house and dust the floors if she so pleases! :)

  6. I agree with you on all except for Amy Adams. I really liked hers. :)

  7. I thought Hallee Berry's dress was ugly too. But I thought Anne Hatheway looked lovely. I'm still disappointed a missed the fall up the stairs. Heehee

  8. See and Helen Hunt's was listed on the worst dressed list, which honestly... I just don't see.

    Maybe it's all the designer snobs, because the rumor is it was an H & M dress.