Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Quite a busy weekend but very productive.

Saturday Dan was sick so I decided to make soup. It was a dreary day and it just made sense. So I made Carla Hall's Tomato-Sweet Potato Soup. I was a little worried because Dan doesn't like sweet potatoes but I wanted this one. It turned out really well and it wasn't overpowering in any one vegetable (it had carrots and onions along with the named ones). I even got to use my stick blender. To go along with it I made super tasty grilled cheese.

Since he was sick, I decided to go shopping. I made out so good. First was the weekly Walmart trip for less than $50. Then I hit JCP and got a Liz Claiborne sweater for four dollars thanks to a $10 gift card they sent me. Then I went to Kohls and spent $20 and got three shirts, two candles ($2 each) and a snowflake bowl. I was super excited with my purchases.

And most importantly I bought fabric to make a curtain for my utility room.

Sunday after church I spent two hours sewing the curtain. I impressed Dan because I didn't use a pattern but really it was just a big rectangle and I had to measure a few times. I'm super happy with the result and I get to cross so etching off my list. Less than $20 for my custom curtain.

For dinner I made General Tso's Chicken from The Chew. It turned out pretty good. Spicy, sweet, good chicken.

Only bad part of the weekend was Abby got an infection and had to go to the vet and get antibiotics. You know something is up when she doesn't eat her food in the morning. But she was all excited about a cat in the evening so the pills must be working.

The weekend ended watching Revenge. I couldn't believe she shot her. I can't wait for next week's episode.

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  1. Oh, NO! I'm going to have to watch Revenge this afternoon when I get home to see who shot whom!
    Sounds like you had a productive weekend, too. I looked over Carla's cookbook, but got just a tad intimidated, but then her words about NOT being intimidated in the kitchen rang through my head!
    Very impressive shopping! :)