Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Art

To start off the A-Z Challenge, I'm going with Art. Personally my favorite is Monet but on my latest trip to Washington, D.C. I visited the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum. I've only been here once before and it was three blocks from my hotel. So after I checked in, I headed over there.

I moved through it quickly but once I hit the folk art I had to take pictures. This stuff is so crazy I just couldn't describe it.

This was a huge altar made of aluminum foil covered objects. It was crazy that it is in a museum.

Then I hit the Presidents portrait section. Of course I took a photo of Washington since it is so famous.

Then I had to get one of Whitney's least favorite president, Andrew Jackson.

And then off to the contemporary art. I have never understood this kind of art even after listening to several lectures on modern art.

How about a wall of granite? Hmmmm looks like a bunch of stuff to me.

This was glass walls with a sign that actually says do not enter because it will disturb the art. Craziness.

This reminded me of Gumby...perhaps it could be his date?

They had an exhibit by one artist that included a lot of video screens. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos of that fascinating exhibit. Do you hear the sarcasm in my typing?


  1. Contemporary art is sometimes hard to understand and like. But folk are and tramp art, can be quite fun.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  2. Interesting! I have never been to DC, and actually sorry to say no art museums. I have been to art shows however, and they are very, very up close and personal with the artists and others that are drawn to particular works of art. While we have fantastic artists in todays world, we will never have the artists we once had..hopefully, one will ring true to history always repeats itself!

  3. I'm not really that into art, but am looking forward to visiting some of the art museums in Copenhagen this summer!

  4. This was an interesting post and I enjoyed the photos. Contemporary art can be odd, but some of it is really cool. I am a new follower from the A to Z challenge. Nice to meet you.

  5. Washington D.C. is a really cool place. Thanks for sharing the pictures you took at the museum!

    I'm visiting as an A to Z challenge minion. :) Looks like your posts are off to an excellent beginning!

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  6. I am with you on Contemporary Art. Some people will call ANYTHING art. Well, they can have it. And pay for it. hahahaha.

  7. Very interesting post! I have always been interested in art. I have never understood modern art either, but I guess the artist was leaving some impression known only to them.

    Wow! The foil art was incredible. I'm surprised something like that was in a museum. I've never been to Washington DC.

    You can find some things at some art galleries though and wonder how they even made it into the gallery.

    Nice post.


  8. Art...gotta love it. Best of luck with A to Z!

  9. One man's trash is another man's treasure, right : ) I've seen some crazy art in NYC and London too. My favorite museum in London is the National Portrait Gallery. I'm not a big modern art lover, but I do love the Tate Modern there too.

    I've been in loads ofmuseums in DC but don't think I've been in the Portrait Gallery. Will have to check that out next time.

    Good luck with the challenge!