Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dobroe Utro

For those of you who don't know Russian, that is supposed to say Good Morning. It seems when I was perusing my Google Stats for my blog, over the last month I have had three times as many visitors from Russia than from the United States. I don't know anyone in Russia. I have no idea what keyword they are searching. But somehow they are finding my blog.

Does anyone out there find that the least bit creepy? I do. I don't want the NSA breathing down my neck thinking I'm sending secret codes to Russia. I really don't have any secret information so there is no risk of me getting it out there. I don't want to even know any secret information. So don't come sniffing around here looking.

Do svidaniya! (Goodbye to all your English speakers)


  1. Check your stats and "referring sites". This happened to me once and my blog was temporarily linked to a very sketchy site. Yes, it creeped me out!

  2. Every now and then I get some weird things going on from other countries. Meh...oh well. NSA Wikileaks, what are the other key words that will put you under surveillance?

  3. I guess I need to look at my stats more closely!