Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Joining Joyce for another week of questions. 

1. Joyce's daughter earned her Master's Degree this past weekend (CONGRATS TO HER!)...what's something you've 'mastered' in recent weeks or months?
I'm working on "mastering" my new remote control. We got a new cable box with an even bigger DVR hard drive and so many things changed. I'm still working on figuring it out. But the cool thing is I can watch something in the bedroom that I recorded in the living room.

2. What song most reminds you of your childhood?
Copacabana by Barry Manilow. One my first albums and I wore it out. On a record player...with a needle.

Yes I just dated myself and I really don't care!

3. What do you think about single gender groups and/or events? Should everygroup/event be open to both genders? If not, what sort of exceptions do you think are appropriate?
I don't have a problem with single gender groups or events. I think it is good to get together. I go to a women's bible study group that I wouldn't feel as comfortable at if men were there. So I don't think you should have to have everything open to both sexes.

4. What's your favorite spice? Your favorite dish containing your favorite spice?
This is the tough question of the week. I would say salt but that really isn't a spice and really everything needs it. I look at my spice rack and realize a lot of the jars are really dried herbs so that doesn't count. So I'll choose nutmeg. It adds so much flavor (especially if you grate it yourself from the nut). It is the secret ingredient to our alfredo sauce. I seem to not have blogged that recipe yet so next time we make it I'll be sure to put it on here.

5. I saw this question on Marla's facebook page and asked if I could steal borrow it for the Hodgepodge...thanks Marla!

Chevron patterns are everywhere! Do you like it or think its just a little too much? Do you own anything 'chevron'?
I'm not a pattern person at all and all those stripes in various directions make my eyes go buggy.

6. What's something you disliked as a child, but can fully appreciate now?
Spinach. Growing up we always had the canned stuff with vinegar. Now I like it fresh.

7. What can irritate you very quickly?
People not returning my calls. Big pet peeve.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
My husband's birthday was yesterday and he is the same age as me for 13 days! He's off enjoying nature in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. He said he saw the largest moose, beavers and badgers that he's ever seen.


  1. My hubs would love a trip like that for his birthday : ) I answered with an herb, but I lump herbs and spices together. We still have an honest to goodness stereo-needle and all!

  2. I too, still own a stereo with a needle and I still have probably hundreds of albums!

  3. What! You let him go without you? I LOVE Yellowstone. Having worked there for a summer, it's almost a home away from home. Talk about memories! Ooh, stop me before I talk my husband into a road trip. We SO do not have time!

  4. Enjoyed your answers! Oh I still have my stereo, actually I also have a turntable that is hooked to my computer. You can copy the albums and burn cd's of them. They turn out pretty good too. That is one of my projects I need to get done.
    until next time...nel

  5. I still have most of my albums in a record cabinet I have! Isn't it weird to think about listening to music that way? Times have sure changed!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.
    I enjoyed reading your answers for the hodgepodge Wed. I too have several albums and a turntable. There's something to be said about that "scratchy" music.