Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fragments - Thank Goodness It Is Over

Joining up for another week of fragments with Mrs. 4444

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Well after having an enjoyable birthday I ended up being sick for three days. NOT FUN! I feel like I might be able to work all day today. Yesterday I only made it to noon and that was by sitting in my office staring for awhile.

Our annual report is due in a month. My part is to put together a bunch of charts about funding and demographics. I rely on other people to provide me with some information. Is it too much for them to get it to me by my deadline so I can put them together? I feel for my associate director who has to put together all the written reports. He has so many people not turn stuff in until three days before it is due that it is ridiculous. I almost want to tell them they aren't getting any more money until they are timely but I can't do that.

Whitney is coming home tonight for the long weekend. She decided that she wanted to come home to get some family love. Plus I'm sure we will somehow work in shopping.

But we will have to avoid traffic because tomorrow is the first college football game of the year. And it is going to be a scorcher (100 degrees) and the interstate is under construction so traffic will be a nightmare. The game is on pay per view so we won't be watching. I'll get all sorts of updates online so why pay the money.

Stupid criminals this week are from Washington. Seems that the boys decided to paint their neon green car that they used in a burglary to black after the fact. But a witness got their license plate number and they didn't change that out. So just because the paint color changed, doesn't make you any less guilty guys.

I haven't been able to work out for over a week and I miss it. However being sick made me lose two pounds. I don't recommend that to anyone as a weight loss method.

Anyone getting fired up for the fall tv shows? Revenge posted their promo and man it was a good one.

I read where they had to make six versions on the dress because of the varying states it has to be in.


  1. Being sick for 3 days is not a good birthday gift, although the weight loss is bittersweet. Feel better soon.

  2. I so understand about the reports! I used to work a job where I was responsible for this huge report but couldn't do anything but twiddle my thumbs if others didn't do their jobs. SO frustrating!
    Happy FF!

  3. Sadly, as a teacher, I'm used to late reports.haha

    Sorry you've been feeling under the weather. Here's to a relaxing weekend! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. I am so sorry you were sick for your birthday. Happy belated birthday . You should just celebrate again!
    In the writing business if you send your revisions in late to an editor, it is possible to have your books release pushed back a year. I am terrified of such deadlines and always try to be early.
    Good luck getting it all done!

  5. I hope you are feeling much better now and had an enjoyable weekend. Being the last in the line of any project is not fun.

  6. Your stupid criminals are hilarious! I always love them. People are so dumb.