Friday, January 17, 2014

Fragments - January is Half Over?

Wow, January is already half over? What's up with that?

Joining another edition of Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

My space heater has died. This is such sad news in my office because it is freaking cold in here. Sweaters help the upper body but do nothing to warm my feet. I refuse to have a blanket in here...that just looks silly.

I installed a new anti-virus software that the university was switching to and immediately the computer wouldn't work. It took a day for IT to come out and the only solution currently is to remove said new anti-virus software. Isn't that ironic? They hope that it is just my machine or maybe the type of machine instead of affecting the whole campus with this issue. I'm just so happy to be the guinea pig. :(

I'm trying to come up with a vegan meal to make when we have company. I've never cooked vegan. I could do vegetarian but the no eggs/milk/butter thing is killing all my ideas. I was going to make a pasta dish until Dan reminded me that pasta usually is made with eggs. Any suggestions?

I did get all the Christmas stuff put away after Whitney left. However I have not redecorated the house so there are lots of holes where stuff should be. 

Three day I need you. I've got so many plans and probably not enough time to do them all in. Lots of shopping and we are taking Mom to a concert on Sunday. And then she is taking us to dinner. 

This week has been use what we have in the house/freezer for dinner. So far I've done a good job (plus it is just me eating). Tonight is leftover lasagna. And I pulled a cooked turkey breast out of the freezer to make turkey enchiladas which I've been craving for quite awhile.

I stand by my prediction that Nina wins Top Chef. And I'm super happy that Seth Aaron won Project Runways Allstars (if my poor Christopher couldn't). Revenge is heating up and I'm two episodes behind in Person of Interest. I don't know why it takes me so long to watch them on the DVR because I like that show a lot. Anyone ever use nutritional yeast? They seem to like that one.

New cooking show to watch is Cook Your A$$ Off on HLN. Richard Blais (one of my favorite Top Chef contestants) hosts it. They try and show you how to cook healthy and are really cooking to win to help a particular person. You should catch it. I'm learning lots of stuff about nutrition. 


  1. We are watching the new cooking show "Chopped Canada" as well as Rachel vs Guy. Haven't seen enough of the others to comment.

  2. I'm impressed you cook for just yourself.
    No idea on the whole vegan meal thing. Fish tacos maybe?
    Wait, is fish vegan? See... don't know.
    So... is getting a new space heater on your to do list? :)

  3. Vegan. Ugh. Too many rules : ) Do they eat fish? If so I'd do some sort of grilled fish. Loads of veggies!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Yeah, I'm with Joyce. WAY too many rules. Plus, if you added my gluten issues, I'm thinking I'd be eating nothing but carrots and having a healthy orange glow.