Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fragments - Who Knows What Edition For Me

I always wonder what to title these things. Seems blah to do the same thing every week. And I have no idea how many times I've participated in it so I can't write the edition. So thus is this week's title.

Thanks Mrs. 4444 for hosting.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I ordered a space heater online since they are out of stock around here. I couldn't find my old one and picked one with a good rating. People did say it was loud but I thought how loud could it be. Yikes...loud enough I want to return it but would hardly get any money back since I have to pay for shipping. So I have it as far away from me in my office, which defeats some of the purpose of a space heater. Not sure how much heat is getting to me.

Stupid criminal this week is a man who police had been looking for quite awhile. They posted his picture on their facebook page asking for help finding him. He saw his picture and reposted the picture on facebook. The police found out, pretended to be a pretty girl who wanted to meet him and let's just say, the arrest was pretty easy after that.

I've successfully created an empty spot in the freezer over the last two weeks. I probably have one more week of just eating out of the freezer and buying minimally before I have to buy some meat. I like being thrifty.

My fingernails are so brittle this winter. I've never had problems like this. Every time I get them to grow just a little they break off. I think it is just too dry everywhere. I have a lot of static electricity hair looks going on too. Every time I go to the bathroom after I was my hands I put a just a damp hand on the front of my hair to calm it down. Doesn't work all the time but it is a start.

My office computer did not like the new anti-virus software that our university got. Basically it crashed my system. So after multiple tries of various fixes, the IT guy has to wipe the computer clean and start from scratch. These things seem to happen to me a lot.

I finally found a pair of loafers that fit my feet and go with jeans. This has been a quest of mine for years. I always end up wearing a pair of keds because my heel is so thin loafers and flats fall off. But DSW had a sale and I had earned some more money off and I got a pair of LifeStride for $18. Score one for me.
Just picture these in navy.

Our volunteer coordinator at work is so nice. She knows I like scarves and I wear a lot of purple so Sunday she gave me a gift of a scarf. That was just so nice of her. I wore it to work on Tuesday. I've never had an infinity scarf and this one has two sides so it is unusual.

And that's about it around these parts. Cold today but in the 60's over the weekend, then back in the 30's for the beginning of next week. 


  1. Try gelatin for your fingers. It has a natural protein that helps bones and therefore fingernails.

  2. Pretty scarf and pretty shoes.

  3. When the air is dry, you can use a leave-in conditioner in your hair. I use just a small amount, and it works great.

  4. Cute shoes, and I love infinity scarves! All scarves really, but those especially : ) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I have been trying to use up stuff in my freezer, too because it really needs a deep-cleaning with soap and water. It's made for some interesting meals lately, but I've enjoyed the easier grocery store trips just buying milk and fruit!

  6. I know what you mean about titling posts! I'm just not creative enough to come up with something different every week!
    In a town about an hour from here, there was a drug bust...the guy butt-dialed 911.

  7. Love the shoes and the scarf!
    Best stupid criminal story ever -- FB plus stupid is REALLY stupid.