Monday, January 6, 2014

My Fun Christmas Presents

I must have been a good girl in 2013 because I got some awesome presents.

I got wine and a cute sweater to keep the bottle cozy. Isn't the snowman the best?

My favorite Christmas cartoon duo in bobble head form. I didn't even know these existed but Dan scoured the internet for them.

My new mixer and one of two new cookbooks. She has really nice stories in it and the recipe for meatballs looks super delicious.

I just got it this weekend and haven't had time to go through it carefully but from what I've seen I want to make every single recipe. Yes it looks that good!

And of course more snowmen to add to my collection, this time in the form of flannel sheets. These are super comfy and who couldn't smile when you go to bed and see these guys waiting for you!


  1. I LOVE your presents! Especially the bobble heads & the wine sweater!
    I got a Kitchen Aid Mixer, too, but mine is white.

  2. Yes, you must have been a good girl. That cook book looks interesting. You will have to test and share some favorite recipes with us.