Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fragments

Weekly installment hosted by Mrs. 4444. Always good way to end the week.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

A full week of work and I'm exhausted. I have so much to still catch up on at home and then work I feel as if I'm never going to come up for air. The house is still decorated for Christmas. I must at least put the tree away this weekend.

Whitney goes back to school on Sunday. She moved some of her stuff back into her dorm room today since she has to go to school to work. It is nice that she was able to work some during the break. Benefit of only living 40 minutes from school.

Stupid criminals this week are a pair of brothers who got into a knife fight over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are roommates and one of them decided that the other one was eating too many of the PB&J sandwiches (six in one hour). Things escalated to knives and the police arrived to arrest them. Moral...Don't ever tell someone that they ate too many PB&J's.

Just a couple more Top Chefs before the season is over. I said from the beginning that I though Nina would win and I think I'm still right.

Project Runway Allstars ended last night. I must stop watching these shows. But then I saw where Tim Gunn has a new show next week and must watch that. 

Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees were announced this week and we had an excited household. Dan's favorite modern day player (Greg Maddux) was elected. We are thinking of actually going to the ceremony in July. We went the hall several years ago and it is an amazing museum. Even if you aren't a huge baseball fan and you find yourself in upper New York you should go.

I leave you with a photo of the bathroom door at one of the museums we went to in New Orleans. It looks like a Port-a-Potty but it really is a real bathroom behind the door. It was on the floor about Mardi Gras history so it wanted you to have a real feel. LOL.


  1. I wish I could get Project Runway however we would have to pay extra for it. Catching up on Top Chef as well.

  2. My trees are finally un-decorated, but hubs has to carry them to the basement tomorrow. Now for the cleaning-wow, those decorations were camouflaging a lot of dust : )

  3. I think Nina will win too, but I have to say that I was very disappointed that Stephanie went home this week.

  4. Nice pic of the port a let. I don't like them at all, but I have used them especially at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. When the weather is warm, I have to drink something, and then...well you know.

  5. I leave the Christmas decorations up as long as I can! They are so pretty!