Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mardi Gras World

Our first stop in New Orleans was Mardi Gras World. This is the place where they build some of the floats for all the parades. They were pretty busy working since it was 8 weeks until some of the parades.

You start off getting to dress up and take pictures with some of the props.

Then you go out and see where they make the floats. Most of them are actually paper mache over styrofoam and then painted. I was shocked at that. While you have a guide for a short time they let you spend as much time with the floats and props that you want. So we spent at least 45 minutes wandering around taking photos.

Those first three shots are from actual props that will be on this year's floats.

Then they warehouse everything they've ever made so they can reuse it. Talk about recycling! They have 15 warehouses of stuff.

They work with Universal Studios and Disney for some things.

At the ends in the gift shop there are a few of the elaborate costumes.

I highly recommend going to Mardi Gras World if you are in New Orleans. They will even come pick you up at your downtown hotel.

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