Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday fragments

Boy am I late writing this. It's almost 9pm. That is an indication of what my week has been like. Mrs. 4444 hosts this. I just have to figure out how to add HTML to a post I write on my iPad to get it all right.

Whitney got home yesterday. The trip home was I eventful except for the fact that security decided the cookie butter she bought was a "gel" and couldn't be carried on. So she had to go get her checked bag back so she could pack it.

But the big adventure was that her brand new iPhone was lost/stolen on Tuesday in Central Park. There was a very nice volunteer in the park who helped her out, the police were nice, but no luck finding the phone. They tracked it to Lexington and 50th and that's it. I suspended it and dealt with insurance for three days. Let me tell you, if you have insurance with your cell phone keep calling until you get your confirmation. I filed a claim and thought ever using was fine. Next day I called because I didn't get a tracking number and was told it was denied because the phone wasn't ever used. I got them straightened out on that (because really who wouldn't use a new phone after ten days). Then I was told it was submitted. Never got a tracking number. I call on day three and was told it shows open still and not approved. They had a "glitch" in their computer system so it didn't finish processing. By this time I'm pretty mad. It got submitted and I got an approved email but still no tracking number. We did finally get the phone today. But I will be contacting them to let them no my displeasure with the system.

She did see four broadway shows along with being in the crowd for Good Morning America. She got to go inside the studio for their new GMA web show and was super excited to meet Ben Savage from one of her favorite 90's shows.

Stupid criminal of the week was the guy who robbed a house but used the computer there to check Facebook and didn't log out. Pretty easy to catch.

Work has been super stressful and I actually had to take a mental health day Wednesday because of it. The next three months are going to be super busy.

But I've got all our plane tickets bought for our trip to Hawaii and reservations for Honolulu. I still need to make a decision on where to stay in Maui so if anyone has recommendations, send them my way.


  1. LOL about the criminal of the week; we had a similar one here that broke into a church and posted a selfie of him on his FB page in the church; someone recognized the inside of the church and the rest was history.

    Got to love FB.

    Sorry about your daughter's phone, but the trip sounded good for her with the plans she saw and I just saw a picture of Ben Savage on the opening screen on AOL; hadn't thought of him in years.

    Glad you did get the insurance issues sorted out with the phone. Son's phone stopped working back in November, thankfully he had insurance, but what a hassle to get the new phone. Not the insurance company but the account was in his ex girlfriend's name (I had told him not to get a plan with her, but when does he ever listen?) By the time he could verify the account and order the phone, it got sent to her address rather than his address, which then had to be returned, in the meantime they sent another phone to him, then another phone in her name to his address, which he didn't accept so it went right back to the company. It eventually worked out okay but he was phone less for a few days and you know how hard it is for a young adult to be wthout their phone :)


  2. I read about the Facebook check-in thief. I thought of you! I have never been to New York. It sounds wonderful, even if the phone loss was a bummer.

  3. I'm glad your daughter is home safe. New York is such an exciting city.
    We are planning a visit next month.
    Hawaii?? I am lpoking forward to reading all about it!