Monday, June 9, 2014

My Crazy Dog

We rescued our dog Abby from a shelter when she was probably about a year old. Since then, she is the best dog we've ever had. But she is getting old and really starting to act strange.

She's never liked water or to be near water. But lately when I am in the bathroom and the tub is filling up, she wants to come in and lay down.

A few months ago she decided I must not have paid attention to her so she needed to do something new. My chair is next to our fireplace. So she jumped onto the bricks and came up along side me. Scared me to death. No one was there to see it. But she did it a couple of weeks ago and I took pictures. And then she did something even stranger. She decided to lay on the hard bricks next to me.

I'm not sure what is going on in that mind of hers but she has turned strange.

Still love her no matter what though.


  1. Our dogs have done that as they get older - try out new places. I think they just more comfortable in trying new spots in the home... take it as a good thing :)

  2. She is cute! That is interesting with her wanting to be as close as she could to you and getting on those bricks. Maybe she just wants to feel secure? Koda is losing his sight (in fact he might be totally blind, we just don't want to admit it) but I noticed a few months ago he got really clingy to me; usually when hubby went to work, Koda would sleep in the bathroom or my husband's home office, but I would notice he would be right by my work chair. I wonder if that was when he started losing his sight, in retrospect, and that was why he was trying to be close as it might have been an unusual new situation for him. (he's adapting well to no/little sight, probably more than I would)


  3. Maybe she just wants to be close to you! She's a dollbaby!

  4. Awww. What a sweetie. I've noticed that my 15 year old schnauzer is doing the same thing, but not all the time.