Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekend I Moved Into the 21st Century

The big news this weekend...I got an iphone. Whitney needed a new phone before her trip and both hers and mine were eligible for upgrades. And now there is a new program that Dan could upgrade if we did a different program. We got a shared data plan and hopefully we won't (meaning me) go crazy and go over our limit.

Now to figure out how to use it. Thank goodness I already have an ipad and it is similar. I need to get a case for it. What an adventure since my old phone didn't need one. There are so many choices.

Guess it is time for me to learn some new tricks.


  1. A whole new world just opened up to you :)

  2. No iPhone for me...give me an Android any day! (I'm a rebel like that!)

  3. I just got a "smart phone" back in December; it is still smarter than me :)

    We have 8G for internet; I rarely use any since I am hardly on my phone or inside the house hooked up to our wireless. Hubby uses 0.02%. We are always close to our limit by the end of our cycle period with orders to 25 year old son not to use it if we get to 965 or so. He streams music through Pandora, a big hit of gigabytes.


  4. I got a smart phone for the first time in February of this year. I got an iPhone too and I love it. I chose an Otterbox for my cover. The middle one and got it on Amazon. I've been very happy with it too.