Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fragments - Guess What I Saw?

Mommy's Idea
Friday before Memorial Day which people claim is the kickoff to summer. Somebody needs to look at a calendar because summer doesn't start until June 20. So here's my fragments to start a three day weekend (that is much more accurate).

On my drive to work I saw something I've never seen before. I pass a fire house near work and there was a fireman watering the front yard. With a FIREHOSE! Huge sprays of water were going in the air and if I didn't know the area I would have sworn they had a huge fountain. Probably a good thing he didn't try and hook that up to a sprinkler.

Yesterday there was a lone duck sitting under a tree in my neighborhood. About 10 minutes later he had crossed the street to go under a different tree. Guess he needed a change of scenery.

Did you hear about a bunch of cows that broke up an underage drinking party? The kids scattered and the cows started to drink the spilled beer. I don't think I want to see a drunk cow.

No stupid criminals this week. I'm sure there were out there but I didn't get to hear about them because the reporter was on vacation this week. Next week they shall return.

I've got a bunch of different groupons for local restaurants that I really need to start using. Guess we'll be eating out some over the next few weeks. That should save the grocery bill and mean no cooking for me.

This weekend I really have to start getting my lists together for the trip. Now I'm obsessed with looking at all the different bridge cams for the ships in Alaska so I can see the weather at all the different stops. Probably a good thing we leave in 25 days so I can stop this. I got a packing list from someone who's gone to Alaska several times so I have a base to use. I'm also going to start working on my list with driving directions to all the places we are staying in Alaska and also if they have breakfast or not. We will be hitting a grocery store soon after landing there so we can have sandwich stuff so we aren't eating out every meal.

I've lost the couple of pounds I had gained over the last few months so I'm back to wear my clothes feel good. After a week on the cruise and a week on vacation I'm hoping I can say the same thing.

I just found out today is National Wine Day! Good thing it is early and I have time to celebrate.

I leave you with a salute to the reason we get a three-day weekend. The sacrifice of our service men and women. Remember without them we wouldn't be free.

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  1. I shall go buy a bottle of wine to celebrate! :)

    Oh man - I can only imagine how much waste that is to use a FIREHOSE to water the yard. WOW!

  2. start of summer - I've heard of people starting their weekend on Thursday night. I'm trying to start retirement early but starting summer is probably easier.
    cows beer - reminds of drinking in the woods which I stopped a long time ago.
    Alaska trip sure sounds good.

  3. I love the line at the Korean War Memorial in DC which says, "Your freedom is not free."

  4. Oh, what a fun trip that will be! I lived in Alaska for a short time many, many years ago and we were too poor to see many of the sights so I hope to do the cruise one day! I wouldn't' however like to pack!

    Thanks for the call to wine time (as my dear departed FIL used to say) I think I'll go lift a glass to him now!

  5. I did see a video about the cows somewhere...I didn't watch it, though. Maybe I should have taken the time.

    It's a day late, but I bought a bottle of raspberry wine today. :)

  6. Alaska will be great, DB and I still talk about our trip there. So much to see and never enough time. We have been trying new recipes each weekend, guess I should share the best, they have all been easy. Enjoy your long weekend.

  7. Alaska is on our want-to visit list too. I enjoyed reading your frags!

  8. Aw, man! I missed Wine Day! guess I should stay caught up on my blog reading, huh?
    I'm so jealous that you're going to Alaska....hopefully someday!