Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fragments - Vacation/TV/Anything Else?

Friday Fragment time.

I read an article today about how Americans don't take all their vacation time. Especially when compared to European workers. Did you know that vacation days are MANDATED in Europe? Can you imagine someone telling a company you have to let someone have 28 days of vacation? That's what it is in England. Americans look at that and laugh. How many of us take all of our vacation time? I know I don't. I've got so much built up that it is ridiculous. But we all either feel guilty for taking it or we don't have money to take a vacation or we feel like the pile up of work isn't worth the time off. I'm going to try and do my best this year to take time off. Starting in a little over 4 weeks I'll be off work for 2+ weeks. Crossing my fingers that I'll do my part to get America in line with European vacations!

TV seasons are coming to an end. Two of my new dramas got renewed (Revenge and Person of Interest) and two were not renewed (Alcatraz and Prime Suspect). Revenge ends next week and I tell you if you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor and catch up over the summer. It is getting moved to Sunday when Desperate Housewives aired so that should tell you its a soap opera deluxe.

Whitney had surgery yesterday (number 5) on her tear duct. We really hope that this is the one to work.  She did really well and even went to a picnic today for her old high school physics group.

I was also told that I needed to blog by Whitney. Always good to have the child insist you blog so she can read it. Guess that means I'm not too embarassing in what I write.

I just heard a radio commercial for the "real Penn State University." Is there a fake Penn State University?

We finally bought a new lawn mower. It is still in the box in the back of Dan's car but it is bought. And I planted roses by the mailbox. Let's see how long it takes for me to kill them.

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  1. I wonder if that "real" PSU commercial was trying to combat the bad vibes left in the air over the whole Sandusky scandal?

  2. When I worked I never took all my vacation time, I guess I thought the office couldn't function without me. Now, that I am retired, I still have to force myself to have down time. Have a good weekend.

  3. Taking time off is critical to re-change the batteries. Then again, I am a tourism professor so I may be a little bias.

  4. Okay, the mail person in me (who is allergic to bees) is secretly praying that the roses die. Sorry. But when the bees get bad by the heavily landscaped boxes, I usually stop delivering.

    And I take all my vacation time. Beginning next year I will have a minimum of 25 days. Tony takes all of his as well. But we take them randomly, and not often in long stretches. Sometimes it just makes a long weekend, but it is totally worth it. The post office will only allow you to roll so much vacation time until you lose it. And they will not pay it out. They believe you should enjoy your time off. Go figure.

  5. I take off for a week every june to go to the beach with 5 kids their spouses and their children..oh and my husbands 7 siblings, their husbands {yes he has that many sisters} and their kids and grand kids. I'm not sure it qualifies as a vacation but it is fun and full of drama. Throw in 2 book signings and yes,,def not a vacation:)
    I think Penn State will be trying all kinds of PR stuff until something works.
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. When I was still working I took all my vacation time.....:) But I still worked a lot and loved my job.

    Flowers.....sigh......I have a black thumb!

  7. I wish I could take more than 2 weeks of vacation. If I had 28 days I would most certainly take them with pleasure!

  8. I am so excited thinking about your vacation!! I had to take some time today to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs and got a big smile on my face thinking about your trip! Hugs from Paris!! :)

  9. I use to take all my vacation when I worked for a company that believed in take it or lose it. Now, we can carry so much vacation over and after taking two weeks last year in Brasil, I am building back up. I do agree, we are a workaholic society that should relax more!

  10. I'm sooo glad Revenge got renewed! LOVE that show!
    I work in a school system, so I don't have a choice...not that I would work when I didn't have to! :)