Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Wardrobe

I just read an article about what you MUST pack for a summer vacation. Truly this list makes no sense to me.

1. A pair of white jeans. I hate wearing jeans in the summer. It is way too hot. Maybe a pair of capris but not jeans.

2. A little black dress. Where is this person going on vacation? I know my usual vacations have no need for a little black dress. Of course most of my life doesn't require one either.

3. A maxi dress. You will never catch me in one of those. They never seem to look good on short people.

4. A scarf. The article states you can use to cover your arms or wrap it around like a sarong around your bathing suit. None of my scarves could do that and I don't think I would want to use it as a scarf again if I did that.

5. Flat metallic sandals. I might get this except I never find sandals that fit right. Everything has that stupid thong thing in them and I hate that. I am severely limited in choices.

6. A pair of shorts. Thank you. Finally something I can do. Of course they say in black or neutral color so you can dress them up or be casual. I don't have those.

I guess I'll be less than fashionable on my vacation. But since I am less than fashionable in life I won't take offense.

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  1. Numbers 1 & 2 had me laughing out loud [thank you!] Especially the "WHERE is this person going on vacation?" about the black dress. NO kidding.

    I hate wearing jeans in the summer too [hot, hot, hot] but out of necessity I will take any freaking color they sell in my size because sometimes shorts are not appropriate, but neither are blue jeans - so I do have a white, flared legged pair that aren't too heavy and look cute with a wedge heel.

    And I am a relatively tall woman, well I used to be, but the maxi skirts and dresses are wrong. WRONG on so many levels. My legs are my best asset, why the heck would I cover them. I don't need the "allure of the unknown" I'm married. He knows. Give me a snappy little above the knee number and we're all set. I was a kid in the 70s and I am not anxious to visit my Mother's fashions. [Do you remember Caftans? OMG! I always thought my Mom and her friends were going to a fancy pajama party in those things. Talk about hiding flaws. ::shudder::]

    And finally - the thong thing between the toes. Sigh. Took me 25 years to finally wear flip flops. I hate the thingy between the toes too, but you cannot beat flip flops at the beach and camping for ease of wear, accessibility and cost. $1? I am all over that. And without an ankle strap I cannot keep thongless sandals on my feet.

    I'm a fashion trainwreck Tracy, what can I say? heehee

    Thanks for the fun post. I love it.