Monday, May 28, 2012

Mission Accomplished

We have finally put away all of Whitney's school things in either a closet, attic or drawer. The college comforter is washed thanks to a new laundry that opened up near the house. The last bit of giveaway stuff has been categorized, boxed and ready to be delivered. I almost have a clean dining room which has been the storage room of choice (not ideal for eating). I have my neice's graduation card ready to mail. It isn't until June 9 which just seems so late to me. We will have been out of school two weeks here before that. I cooked up a bunch of ground beef so we can make quick dinners this week and put some in the freezer so Whitney can make tacos while we are gone. Had some yummy cheddar brats yesterday (clearances at store because of end date) and am now making defiled eggs to have with hot dogs today. Yesterday we had corn on the cob and reminded me how much I miss good summer corn. I remember when I was little stopping at the farm trucks and getting a dozen for one dollar. It was the best corn. Went shopping at kohls and between a 10 dollar coupon and 15% off I got a Columbia fleece jacket for 2 bucks. Perfect for the cruise and can't beat the price. Whitney got a great raincoat for 20 and I'm going to borrow it. I can return the one I bought months ago since I'll never wear it again I'm sure. There is a reason I don't cut tags off anything. The dog still needs a bath and I'm going to be writing out all the trip stuff this afternoon. I'd say this was a productive weekend.


  1. Don't the stores have a limit on how long between purchase and return? I know the stores here you have between 30 and 90 days to return stuff - except JCPennys. And you better have a receipt here too - they're fierce. You sure can't beat the price of that jacket and Kohls has such nice stuff too.
    All the food sounds good! We are having a cookout too - I just got done with all the chopping, mixing and icing. Dad's turn to light the grill :D
    And we finally got Squirrel's stuff put away last week. We only have two large Rubbermaids in the hallway outside our bedroom [filled with winter clothes, washed] so I call it a win! Dare I open her bedroom door tho'? heehee
    Enjoy your holiday and all the fun you are having getting ready for the cruise. THAT is going to be so much fun!!

  2. Love Kohls. I have no idea how they stay in business... I have left with things for free after discounts. :)