Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fragments

I haven't been blogging very much lately so I'll take this opportunity to pour it all out for Friday Fragments.

Whitney has been home a week. We seem to be getting into a rhythm having her back in the house. She's even done a little bit of the cooking. I'm trying to get her to work up to full meals so she can fend for herself while we are on vacation next month and she is home.

The house still looks like a mess. We put a bunch of stuff in the attic but still have to figure out what to do with some piles of her stuff. Her new dorm room will have a different size bed so I have to figure out what to do with all her old bedding. The good news is I cleaned out my linen closet so I could put her sheets in there and it is much neater.

Today is National Eat What You Want Day. Don't I do that every day?

Stupid criminal of the day goes to an 18 year old near Houston who decided to walk into a building and rob it. Unfortunately for him, he decided to walk into a police station and try and rob the dispatcher. He currently is on jail waiting on $300,000 bail.

Yesterday I waited over an hour in the waiting room for my doctor. I expected a wait but not quite that long. So when I had my blood pressure reading it was high. I said its because of the wait because on Monday it was fine. Just something about going to that doctor makes it rise.

My tennis elbow is getting better however the doctor wants me to use the mouse on my left hand. Do you know how hard that is? And she says I need to train someone else to do my job and take more vacation time. I can train some things but others it is impossible to do. I do have a plan when I'm on vacation for two weeks though. I'm having my assistant screen things that other people think are important and if she thinks they are, she will text me to say she is sending me an urgent email. I'm not checking email unless it comes from her marked that way. I'm hoping that she won't have to contact me at all. Of course it will take me a week to catch up from everything but the two weeks off will be worth it.

Speaking of vacations I leave in 39 days! I check on the cruise site every day for the countdown. I'm really getting obsessive about this...but in a good way. Alaska here we come!

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  1. That thief was pretty dumb. I knew of a story from my hometown of a guy who smoked marijuana next to the ventilation system intake for the sheriff's office. The cops smelled pot, found him, and arrested him. Dumb, huh?

  2. I think more criminals are dumb than smart.
    Alaskan cruise - that sounds exciting. Wishing you good moose, eagles and otters (I think you see those creatures up there. I've never been there.)

  3. i want to go to alaska...maybe one day...have a great time!

  4. I got tennis elbow ironing the DVDs at the library and had to train myself to iron them left handed.

    Yes, we do iron the DVDs at the library - - -its a magnetic iron that resets their security code.

  5. Stupid criminals is a segment in our Sunday paper. We read it over breakfast. I should clip them out and re-post some here They really are WAY too funny. :)

  6. Blood pressure is so crazy--it seems to change so often. Waiting at the doctor's office for an hour I would think would raise anyone's blood pressure. I'm sure they are aware of this!