Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fragments - I Need a Vacation

Time for Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444.

Mommy's Idea

 Yes I just got back from vacation but you know what they say. You need a vacation because of all the work you have to catch up. Not only am I trying to catch up, I'm filling in for my boss's assistant who is now on vacation. I really don't need to be doing two jobs at once but guess that's why I'm appreciated.

I can't believe that my roses have continued to thrive and flower. I bought them thinking I would take a chance and I've had roses all summer. I make sure to water them every day so they don't dry out. But pretty miniature pink roses are my reward.

We still haven't showed Whitney all of our vacation photos. It seems that no matter how we try to view them we get stuck. The ipad is too small. Whitney's laptop wants you to open them one at a time (no slideshow). The DVR only will do a slideshow and not let you forward through them. I'm thinking I need to find a CD so I can burn them to it.

We went out for Mexican food this week and I was so disappointed. The place we went is near the house and it had been a year since we were there. There wasn't any flavor to the food, the cheese sauce was runny, the flour tortillas tough and the sopapillas were cold and tough. I don't think we'll be going there again. Plenty of others in town to choose from.

I need to return our unused rain pants this weekend. It was nice not to need them especially since they were going to be about 8 inches too long for me.

I keep playing Words with Friends and getting all vowels. I hate when that happens. Then I have one friend who I swear has the dictionary memorized. Where she comes up with some of these words I have no idea. I beat her once this week though and it was a major accomplishment. If anyone wants to play me I'm treinke65.


  1. I tried words with friends but now I am hooked up scrabble on my kindle. Easier to always have a partner on hand, i.e. the computer-supported competitor.

  2. I truly believe some folks, like my son who used to beat me at WwF, use on-line dictionaries to help them. His vocab exceeds mine, but he did admit to finding a "two letter word" list on-line. So if he had that help, he had to have more.

  3. There's nothing worse than craving food, paying for it and having it be the worst food ever. I hope you find a better Mexican restaurant soon.

  4. I just finished all your posts about Alaska, looks like you had a great time! Welcome back to the real world... work and all.

    I've never tried words with friends, I will have to look into it, as everyone but me seems to be playing it.

  5. I so admire people who have pretty flowers growing! I have lots of plants but not flowering ones.

    I have to catch up on all my friends' posts since being sick and I have lots to go! :)

    I love Mexican and hate to be disappointed. There a place in town that my husband loves and I don't but I go sometimes just because he likes it....and then we go to the one I like!

  6. Sometimes I think Words With Friends picks on certain people and earmarks them for stinky letters. It never fails, I always have all vowels or the Q,X, and Z. :P