Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fragments - Christmas in July Edition

Time to empty all that junk out of your brain with Mrs. 4444 and Friday Fragments.

Mommy's Idea

The radio station I listen to on the drive to work was playing Christmas songs today. They were hoping that Christmas in July would help people feel cooler. Since the temperature today is going to be 106 I think we need a little bit more than a song.

American Idol is in OKC for auditions today. The last two days they had sign ups and today is auditions. I wonder how many people got heat stroke waiting to sign up and then today to sing. Saw a photo of Ryan Seacrest and he was standing outside in a long sleeve shirt. You'd better watch out Ryan or you might get sweat pits under the arms. That won't look good on tv.

I am almost caught up on my after the vacation to do list at work. And that includes covering for my boss's assistant while she's on vacation and getting extra work this week. Sometimes I amaze myself.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect recipe for dinner without heating the house. It's too hot to grill or use the smoker outside (plus I'm not sure how well they work). There is no way I'm turning the oven on. I'm trying to eat healthier and Dan can't really eat hard to chew foods. The new pasta dish I made this week was ok but not very flavorful. So will keep looking through all the food blogs I follow.

Normally I stay in my office at lunch but yesterday I finally used a groupon I had bought for a sushi restaurant. I have one friend who eats sushi with me so we met up and had two pretty good ones. The restaurant has a lot of original ones (a lot of them have jalapenos which we passed on). The best we had was called the tsunami. We also had a rainbow. Maybe we just like things named after natural phenomena.

Anyone catch the Project Runway premiere last night? Just looking at the before show and what they showed there, my money is on Ven. Some of those other people (I'm talking about you Kooan) are just plain crazy.

And so now my brain has been emptied and I can go back to my regularly scheduled work. Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh, my 106 is hot, hot, hot!!!!! The constant rain here has kept our Florida heat down. I'm wishing our rain would move on to some of the drought ridden places though!

  2. Try a cucumber salad. This is a nice recipe - very refreshing and nice on the diet too.

  3. I haven't left the house today or checked the thermometer but it was 105 yesterday. So I understand your heat and weather concerns.

    lately we have been having a lot of cold salads. Our favorite is a giant chef with strips of ham, cheese, hardboiled eggs and lots of raw veggies. Filling, cool and ever so healthy.

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  5. Oops! Wrong url so I deleted my last comment! I posted a recipe that is "no-cook" long as you either get a rotisserie chicken or already cooked chicken from the store!

  6. Crazy hot here, too. 105 today! Thanks for stopping by my blog.