Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camping Alaska Style

Before anyone thinks I'm camping, don't worry. I haven't gone crazy. I'm talking about other people in Alaska. There are more rental rv's here than I've ever seen. Many of the workers are seasonal and while we were in Skagway we talked to our tour bus driver about it. He said that their is such limited housing and the apartment owners won't let you sign a short term list. So there were three campsites in town for the workers to stay in. My immediate thought was shanty town. And it sort of looked like it. The site nearest to the cruise ships was cheaper but you had to pay utilities. There were people staying in tents for the whole summer. I think that would get pretty cold there and after awhile not fun. A few people had trailers on the back of pickup trucks. But the really neat one I saw was called an ALiner.

Come to find out it pops up in 20 seconds and it can be towed by small cars. This lifestyle certainly does not work for me. A lot of the people looked to be college aged and more adventurous than me.


  1. I would do it in a heart beat with Pooldad - especially that bitty trailer. Alaska is on my bucket list [number 1 in fact] and we love camping. So if I ever manage to get it all fixed here - we WILL do it. :D

    Your flower pics are beautiful.

  2. That's a cool looking camper! We're beginning to delve into the market for one; I'll have to show this one to CH!