Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Cleaning

The local grocery store had all Kellogg's products half off so I went a little crazy. When I got home I had no place to put things. So I had to buckle down and clean the pantry.

I decided to start at the bottom. The actual plan was to do just that area but I couldn't stop and did two shelves. Then my back decided I'd had enough so will have to finish another weekend.

I had to get all this in the bottom. We were smart years ago and bought some shelves to help keep things straight.

And guess what, it all fit.

I did the next shelf up and was able to get it looking good too. I still have three shelves to go but this was a great start.


  1. I organized my pantry a while's already back to disorder! I wish I was more organized!

  2. Sometimes, don't you feel like you're living "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie"? :)

  3. Would you believe our house did not come with a pantry! So DB and I changed over the half bath into a walk in pantry that is just around the corner from our kitchen. It is huge and full of stuff I do not use... maybe I need to clean it out!