Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sled dogs

One of my favorite things about our trip was the sled dogs. We saw them in several places.
These dogs are workers. While they accept people petting, it really isn't their thing like for most dogs. But boy they love to run. They are extremely intelligent too.

They prefer much colder than what we had. So the dogs were cooling off by laying in the snow. One of the mushers was in a tank top and shorts.

These dogs are federal employees at Denali National Park. They were a little calmer than the ones on the glacier.

The park ranger drove them in a circle. Not nearly as exciting as riding on the snow like we did on the glacier.

And of course this is what most people think of when they think sled dogs. The Iditarod. They have a little museum which was very nice.


  1. I had a husky. She was much more about the petting.

    And the eating of the couch.

    And the terrorizing of the cats.

    And the eating of my pepper spray....

  2. Alaska is supposed to be mega cool, looks like you're having a fab time.