Monday, July 15, 2013

Beijing Olympic Park

While I was in Beijing, I went to the Olympic Park twice. Once on my way back from the Great Wall and once on my way to the airport. You can tell the difference in days just by the photos.

The first day was a Sunday and the air quality was poor. Everything looks dingy in the photos.

The day I left was a sunny day. It had rained the night before and washed away all the smog.

The water cube was where all the swimming events were held. They have turned into a water park for kids and was very reasonably priced. The Birds Nest holds a few events but it is prohibitively expensive for anyone to use it so it mostly sits as a backdrop for photos.


  1. What a difference between the first set of photos and the second set.

  2. Wallene and I both said "Ewww" on the smog, but both heartedly agree you are SO cute! :)

    Big difference and what a nice place to get to visit. When you can breath. :)

  3. Isn't it neat to see where the Olympics were held?
    You can really tell the difference...what a difference rain makes! :)

  4. Wow...what an amazing sight to see!

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