Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fragments

Joining up for another week of Fragments. During the summer we are brought together by Unknown Mami.

Unknown Mami

The stupid criminal of the week was sent to me by Whitney. And it happened right here in my home state of Oklahoma. Seems like a burglar accidentally dialed 911 from him cell phone while he and his accomplice were discussing what jewelry they were going to steal from the home they were in. While the burglars had left the home before police arrived, since they had a description of the jewelry they caught them at the pawn shop trying to sell it. Note to self...don't have 911 automatically programmed into your cell phone and then butt dial it while in the act of a committing a crime.

Tonight Whitney and I are going to a painting class. She won two tickets from the radio and is taking me. Since neither of us are particularly artistic I'll be surprised to see how the paintings turn out. You pick from their calendar which one you want to do and everyone in our class will be doing the same one. 

I also bought plane tickets to take Whitney to Las Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday in a couple of months. I've been three times and I live going. Dan hates it. So Whitney wanted to go for her big birthday and I'm taking her over her fall break. Just have to decide on the hotel now. I know things have changed quite a bit since the last time I was there.

Work has not really slowed down yet after being gone and my assistant is going to be on vacation next week. I'm actually hiring a temporary employee to do my filing. I've got so many piles laying around that I can't find anything recent. For being a "paperless" office we sure generate a lot of it.

Anyone watching So You Think You Can Dance? I missed the first two weeks of the competition while in China so Whitney caught me up on it. Last week wasn't super impressive. I'm glad they changed back to announcing who was gone to the end of the show. That wasn't a smart move to announce it at the beginning and then make them dance. I'm just waiting somewhat patiently for the AllStars to come back on and dance with them.

Top Chef Masters starts next week. I watched an extended preview online and like what they are doing with an online challenge from the masters's sous chefs. The outcome of the sous chef challenge affects the main game. 

Have a great weekend. We had a few beautifully cool days (I honestly can't remember the last time it was that cool in July here) but now we are getting back up to normal temps. It was nice while it lasted.


  1. Criminals seem to get dumber by the minute! My husband was on the Grand Jury for 6 (long) months every Friday a few years back-- Dumbest ever was the lady that Xeroxed stamps, glued them on enveloped and handed them to the mailman.

    Las Vegas is a fun place with great people watching. Hope you and Whitney have a fun time celebrating her 21st!

    Happy Friday Frag! jj

  2. I've never been to Las Vegas but its on my list. My hubs has been...fall should be a good time to go.

  3. Las Vegas is a great choice for a birthday destination. Happy Birthday to Whitney.
    I never could understand the so called paper reduction, it always seemed to me that it actually created more paper.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. That's why I can't be a criminal - I'd be one of the dumb ones! ;-)

  5. I used to have a cell phone that constantly called 911. It was programmed that if you pressed and held a certain key, it called 911 automatically. It was awful! Good thing I wasn't a dumb criminal.
    The painting class sounds fun!

  6. You mentioned Top Chef and that reminded me of the cooking competition show that the whole family just watched. America's something or other with Jeff Foxworthy as the host. It was great and wholesome and the whole family loved it.

  7. ha! I heard about "your" stupid criminal!
    I told YS I was taking him to Vegas when he turns 21. let me know what you find out!

  8. I'm with Keetha, I'd be a dumb criminal too!
    My husband thinks I would make a great criminal because I watch so many of the reality justice shows.
    I have never been to Vegas. I am hoping to get there sometime soon.
    I had to take 911 out of my phone because it always seemed to be the # mistakenly dialed.
    I have not watched So you think you can Dance yet. I stopped watching all the cooking shows for awhile but I think I'm going to start watching them again...
    Have a great weekend.

  9. That's the best dumb criminal ever. :)

  10. Ha! I love stupid criminals! They're so dumb.

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