Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fragments - Five Days of Work Suck

I'm back joining the Friday Fragment party after a few weeks off. So here's a bunch of them.

Unknown Mami
I've been so busy at work and life that I haven't had time to show off my 1,000 photos I took in China to my family. That will be corrected this weekend.
I'm slowly getting through the several inches of paperwork that covered my desk in the two weeks I was off. And the hundreds of emails. And the three major proposals that had to be done this week. With guidelines that are iffy at best and still don't have all the information. Ah, the more complications means the more they need me.
Stupid criminal of the week is from Florida. Seems a man decided to rob a convenience store while the clerk turned his back. Unfortunately the man had just filled out a job application with all his information. He was a little easy to track down by the police.
Whitney had bad reactions to her allergy shots this week and has to take the vials from our local clinic to where they are made because our clinic won't mail them. She was going to be switching back to her normal clinic next month so I told her to just take them there and get her shots there the next three weeks. The cause was a combination increased strength in the vials and terrible pollen in the air here. But the good thing is she just got welts, no problems breathing.
I will continue to write about my China trip but for some reason I'm having a hard time being motivated to blog about it. Maybe next week I'll be better. But I'll leave you with another photo.
Inside the Summer Palace
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  1. ahaha! Are you kidding me what that robber story? Wow.

  2. One of the local radio stations in Virginia does a segment called "Really Dumb News" and that robber was the lead story today!

  3. Sometimes after taking lots of pictures, it's just hard to get going with the blog post. Pictures are very time-consuming it seems.

  4. Just throw the random picture in here and there, that is what I do.

  5. I read about that guy who robbed and had left his actual address. Silly criminal. Love the picture.

  6. I think it's a prerequisite for criminals to be dumb! Too funny!

    Looking forward to more of your China trip!

  7. I have one post about my trip that I keep putting off because I want to make sure it's perfect, and that I can do it justice. I think I'll be blogging about my trip forever. :)