Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby it's cold out there

Winter has arrived. I think we all forgot what to do when it is cold. I pulled out my super warm coat to wear to church this morning and I never got too hot on the 15 minute drive. You know it's cold for that to happen.

Tonight's warm dish is chicken and rice casserole. It smells good cooking and will feed us twice.

We may get the dreaded icy mix tonight. It always seems that is what we get here. Black ice and inexperienced drivers do not mix well.

I did a little shopping after church but haven't left my house since 12:30 today. Been researching more Alaska lodging options (we finally have days/places figured out) and I ordered a new vacuum cleaner. I love free shipping.

Hope all of you stay warm and toasty as the temperatures dip.


  1. We got dumped with snow last night. Shovelling all day with a wind chill, so I made a big pot of beef soup. Mmmm

  2. We practically have the same forecast. Bleh!

  3. We had black ice last night. Tuesday's looking to be back in the 40s with no wind chill.

    Best. Winter. EVER.

  4. Yes, it's bitter cold here too. I kinda got used to a little warmer weather and then it hit us again. Oh well, a day closer to Spring!

  5. I love shopping from home with free shipping too. It's like Christmas :D

    It got down to 0 degrees with windchill here Saturday night [11 degrees with no wind] so we got a taste of winter. Thankfully it is warming back up. The weather has been soooooooo weird.