Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Reflections on Groundhog Day

Once again we have a made up day. Don't you love that. Maybe I can get in the business of making up holidays.

But back to Groundhog Day. Who ever thought a groundhog would be a weather predictor? I know all those old farmer's almanac stuff but really a groundhog? Its an animal that lives in the ground? I don't think it knows much. And what makes this one groundhog in some small Pennsylvania town know more than any other groundhog?

Today it saw its shadow so we are supposed to have six more weeks of winter. Winter has felt like early spring here so does that mean we have six more weeks of this weather? If so I'll take it. But does that mean that spring will get extended or that summer will start early. I don't want an early summer. After last summer's brutal heat I don't want to start any earlier than we have to.

So in conclusion I don't think any rodent is predicting the weather. Go back in your hole little groundhog and bite the hand that pulls you out. Nobody should be disturbing your slumber.


  1. I don't think he have groundhogs here, but we don't have 'winter', either- so it's all good.

  2. This has been my Favorite. Winter. EVER.


    And ever.

    And always.

  3. Spring comes in 6 weeks no matter who says what, I say!