Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fragments

Time to empty my brain again with all the tidbits that clog it up. Maybe that means today will be productive if I get this out of my system.

Mommy's Idea

One of the crazy parts of my job is that I have about 30 electric company accounts all over the state. One of the research projects needs electricity on site so my name is on all of them. So I get all of the different coop magazines. I always laugh when I see the lists of what people are looking for. You know - a photo of the 1946 kindergarten class of some podunk school in the middle of nowhere. I wonder how many of these people actually find it.

This week was successful in eating things out of the freezer. The only thing we bought for dinner this week was a head of lettuce. Not that I can tell if the freezer is getting emptier because Dan put a big bag of ice in it which has taken up the room of all the food we just ate.

I swear my office has a draft that there is nowhere else in the building. The thermostat says 73 degrees but I'm freezing. I put my sweater on and turn on the space heater and still cold. What's up with that?

I probably should book my flights for DC for a meeting next month but I'm torn as to which airport to fly to. I usually go to Reagan and take the metro but I can get direct flights to Dulles and then take a taxi for 45 minutes to get to my hotel. It probably is a wash on how much both would cost. I hate this indecision. At least I have a hotel reservation.

Reality tv shows I watch are slowly ending. Only a couple more weeks of Top Chef and then I'll be down to just Project Runway. Phew. Good thing since I added Alcatraz to my watch list.

We had a small power outage at home on Tuesday afternoon. Didn't think anything of it. However it screwed up the dvr and all of our shows that we have set to tape as a series didn't want to record. So that meant I missed the first 25 minutes of Glee. A very bad week for that to happen. Lucky my child could tell me what happened and then the next day I watched it On Demand. Got the DVR to fixed to tape the series shows too. Pain in the butt.

I'm figuring out the Ipad a little more. Got Sudoku loaded so now I'm playing that all the time. I may even try Words with Friends.

This weekend is taxes and hotel reservation weekend. And of course watching Superbowl commercials.


  1. We live 15 minutes from Dulles. Can you get a hotel shuttle from Dulles to your hotel downtown. They are usually cheaper and in some cases free.

    Have a safe flight :) We'll wave!

  2. You made me smile,, you too enjoy the Super Bowl commercials. During the actual game I get a lot done.