Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fragments

Lots of randomness in my head today.

**Did anybody do the Papa John's coin toss game and win a free pizza? I did! Can you say two nights dinner?

**My stupid laptop this morning lost all its bluetooth connections. After looking at it for 30 minutes I had to call our IT department. It took them an hour to get here and another hour to fix it. Let's just say I'm not happy with said laptop. Although it is working now.

**While laptop was being worked on I dusted my office. I hate doing that and only use those opportunities because otherwise I'm just sitting around. I also pulled old personnel files to shred.

**Two treatments of physical therapy with those torture devices and I am hopeful for success. My arm is not as sore in certain places so that has to be the therapy.

**I have two work email addresses. One was forwarded to the other. Unfortunately the one that was forwarding switched and I haven't gotten any email from that address for two months. Today it got fixed. Good thing most people use my "good" email because I only had 200 email messages there. Mostly announcement types. But there were a few that people probably wondered what the heck I was doing in not responding.

**I have successfully emptied out the freezer more this week (although I did put some chicken in it) so we can cook this weekend. And it will be cool so we can cook warm food! Hoping for gumbo.

**I'm going to keep the ipad. I think I'm getting used to it enough to make it work. I still need to pull out the glasses though for some of it, darn it.

**Why can't they invent something for far-sightedness like they have for near-sightedness? I did Lasik so I could get rid of contacts and now I have to wear glasses to read. I'll pay to have it done and I'm not afraid of it like I was last time.

**My wine buddy is turning 40 next week. Needless to say I think you all know what I'll buy for a gift.

Hope everyone's Friday starts the weekend off right. If not, I hope Saturday is better than Friday!

Mommy's Idea


  1. Wine buddy will get a box of kleenex is my guess. :)

  2. Congratulations on the free pizza! Sounds like you had a productive week. It is suppose to be cold here this weekend as well; egg plant parmigiana for us.

  3. I also dusted today. Tony thought he was in the wrong house.


  4. I am dusting in between FF visits today. I had to take a benedryl. I didn't even know about the free pizza how did I miss that?
    I miss 40! I will be turning 54 next week. Not too happy about that although I just read something that said 54 is the age most women are the 'smartest.' hmmm.
    Have a great weekend!