Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Musings

The DVR was made for the Super Bowl. Usually it is to skip the commercials but this day it is used to skip through the game.

Best commercials
Anything with a dog. OK, I'm a sucker for cute dogs. I did watch the entire 2 hours of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet after all. So the best dog commercials were the Skechers ad where the bulldog beats the greyhounds and then moonwalks across the finish line and also the Doritos ad where the dog bribes the guy with chips to say he doesn't know where the cat is even though the dog "disposed" of him earlier. That Doritos ad was made for $20 and won the creator $1 million. Take that big ad agencies.

I liked the etrade baby commercial this time. The kid in the baby room speed dating was pretty funny.

I also noticed that the majority of commercials seemed to be aimed at people in their 40-50's. I think its because we have money.

None of the budweiser commercials were good. Bring back the frogs and clydesdales please.

And how many car/movie commercials can we have? Who really buys a car based on those? And I'm so sick of the go daddy commercials. Does anyone really like them?

You can check out any of the ads and vote for your favorites today at USA Today.

I also enjoyed the halftime show. Dan couldn't get passed the lip sync but I enjoyed the production. Because I think that's what it is supposed to be...a production. I don't think she embarrassed herself. Although if you watch the video for her new song, it is embarrassing. Plus the song is pretty silly.


  1. Couldn't agree more! I just caught up on all the ads....the Darth Vader kid re-play was a favorite, as was slingshot baby for Doritos. And I miss the good Bud ads---those used to be my favorites!

    I saw the American National Anthem on youtube and started singing along, because I never hear it here in Belgium. Would you believe I just bawled while singing, I miss the US so much and am so excited about my trip home this Saturday?!! :)

  2. I loved the dog commercials, that was about the extent of what I saw. Glad your weekend was productive and good!

  3. I didn't watch the game or commercials but I popped in for Madonna's halftime show and I totally loved it. I am having more fun reading blogs and bloggers choosing and posting the commercials. I like the Doritos commercial and the M&M Vanessa Williams commercial but must admit many of them seem pretty good. I didn't see Madonna's new song but I have heard it is not good, what a shame, I have always like her.