Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fragments - Two Months Down?

Mommy's Idea

Yes! It's time for Friday Fragments. I had to collect my thoughts to put this one together so it is actually lunchtime as I write this. Normally I'm more organized.

**Yesterday I went to a conference for research administrators across our state. You know the keynote speaker is good when he pops this video into his presentation and we all know the feeling.

**The speaker also used a new presentation software that I had never seen and it looked so cool. It's called Prezi and it makes Powerpoint look like it was from the 1950's.

**Torture Physical Therapy is going well. I have figured out I am not supposed to wear my elbow brace all the time because it is actually making other muscles get worse. So I have to find a balance.

**Today is the day for the big haircut/color. I am definitely getting a change but still be age appropriate. Pictures will be posted.

**I've been playing Words with Friends on my ipad and I really suck at it. I was never good at scrabble and it shows. I finally had to give up one game when I was down 300 points. If anyone wants to play, I'm treinke65.

**I'm excited about a post that I've already written but can't post for another 2 weeks. Let's just say it involved bacon.

**Can you believe that it is almost March? That means 1/6 of 2012 is gone.

**How many people do you think will remember that we have an extra day this February? I know I'll notice because it means one more day to wait to get paid.


  1. I can't stop laughing at the cat herding video. That's incredibly funny. Thanks!

  2. That video is funny! I've never seen it. I'm pretty behind on youtube vids.

    I feel you on the physical therapy, I hate when people touch me with anything other than a light touch. Teeth cleaning, check-ups, having blood drawn is torture for me. I'm a snuggler but in those situations I don't want to be touched.

    I don't even know what today's date is, so of course I couldn't tell you how many days are in this month. Fortunately I don't have a job where I have to keep track of dates.

  3. I also pre-write some of my posts. Then I can't stand the anticipation of waiting for them to post.


    These are the things that plague me.