Monday, February 27, 2012

My New Haircut

Friday I used my groupon for a haircut/color. It was probably in the top five of worst salon experiences I've ever had. The color and cut are fine; it was the overall experience that was the problem.

First my appointment was at 4 and was going to take about 3 hours (which seemed way too long). Right before I left work I got a call saying she was going to be late because the person ahead was taking longer and it would be 4:30-5 for my appointment. I thought she said 4:35 so I left work at 4:15 to get there. I waited until about 5:15 to even get to her station. (STRIKE ONE) 

I had told her on the phone I wanted a reddish brown color. When I got there she thought I wanted highlights and then she was just going to try and match the color on my head. Not what I wanted. I finally convinced her I wanted RED BROWN. Then she had to do something to "deactivate" all of the box color from my head. She had told me on the phone she needed to do that but didn't tell me she was going to charge me $10 because that was a "separate" application than the offer. (STRIKE TWO).

So I got "deactivated" then had to get that all dry before she could color. Then she mixed up the color. By this time everyone else in the salon was leaving. My hair took more than one bowl of color so she had to mix up 1/2 a bowl (another $5). She wasn't even coloring it to the end because I had decided to get three inches cut off. Finally got that all in and then sat there for 30 minutes under the dryer. It is now 7:30 and I'm starving. Dan is texting me wondering where I am since I had told him I would be home around 7. I had to tell him that she hadn't even starting cutting yet.

Finally got to the haircut. I don't know what kind of haircut doesn't need to have the part right to start the cut but she wouldn't part it where I wanted it until after she did the cut. By this time I was fed up. This was not the relaxing fun experience I wanted. She dried my hair and was going to do my bangs after that. She cut them once and I said they were fine but they weren't. I just wanted out of there. I cut them at home myself to the length I wanted. I also had to trim the length in places because it was so off. I got home at 9pm. That means I was there for over 4 hours. There is no way that a haircut and color should take that long. (STRIKE THREE)

I have written groupon about the problems I had. If the extra charges had been stated in the ad I would never have bought it. I think I won't complain about coloring my hair at home anymore.

My self portrait


  1. Your end result is pretty, but what a horrible experience! I'm sure that they were x'd off your list.

  2. Well it did turn out nice... even if the experience was lacking! I do love the color.

  3. I agree with Marti and GB - it looks great, love the color, but that is ridiculous.

    I would also write an email or letter to the salon owner.

    I just won't go. For these reasons.

  4. Groupon gave me a $40 credit which is what I paid. I love Groupon!

  5. The color of your hair looks beautiful in the picture, Tracy. Have you tried getting short hair? I think it would look good on you too.

    Stela Dimitrov

  6. That was a terrible experience! Four hours of hair cutting and coloring is too long. A hair cut and hair coloring should only take about 3 hours – 2 hours if they’re quick. Well, all in all, I’m happy with the way you looked after. You were absolutely beautiful, especially with the new hair color.

    >Lakisha Gelb

  7. Nevermind what happened in the salon because your haircut gave you a more youthful look! And, I love the hair color as it matched pretty well with your skin tone. Uhm... my mom isn’t fond of going to the salon. I’m actually the one who colors her hair for her! ;)

    Elnora Touchstone