Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Time for Mrs.4444 to host Friday Fragments for all of us to empty our minds of random stuff.

**I ordered a new vacuum cleaner this week and it has been sitting in its box for three days in my entry way. The old Hoover was 25 years old and we've replaced belts, bags, cords and who knows what else and it just kept going. I think it bit the dust last weekend though although it could just be a belt. But I'm tired of it so got a bagless one from Penneys with free shipping. I hope it works well.

**Dan is going to take me shopping at "his" store to look for a rain coat and rain pants for our Alaska trip. You may wonder what "his" store is. Goodwill and Salvation Army. I swear he finds so many things there for a fraction of the cost of stores. And some of it is brand new. When he lost so much weight it was the only way we could afford to clothe him and he just keeps going back. I think the only way he gets anything from a store is if I buy it for him.

**At a wine tasting this week they had a really nice wine. Unfortunately it isn't available for purchase in Oklahoma until next week. Why were you giving it to us this week then? I'll never remember the name to buy it next week.

**This week's weather: snow, freezing fog, fog, cloudy, sunny.

**The torture physical therapy is going well. I think my shoulder is starting to feel better. Not sure about my elbow. But I actually sort of enjoy the pain when I get scraped by the devices because I know I'm not imaging not feeling good.

**Whitney kept asking for a pillow pet. Dan decided to get her one for Valentine's Day. So she not only got it (a purple unicorn) but it was shipped to her. It is amazing what getting a package at college does to you.

**Had to pay our home owner insurance and I can't believe how much it went up without us making a claim. Guess all the tornado damage around raised the rates. Luckily the car insurance went down thanks to Whitney turning 19 last fall.

**This weekend I have to finish our taxes so I can fill out FAFSA. I got most of it done except for some business stuff for Dan so I know we are getting a refund from the feds. The state though will be getting more money from us. I swear it doesn't matter how much we send them in estimated tax, we always owe. This is one crazy state I tell you.


  1. I am ready for a new vacuum. The one I have just doesn't pick up stuff any more, but I guess the exercise of pushing it around is a good thing. I love shopping at thrift store, I find all kinds of stuff that I didn't know that I needed but now I have. Have a good day.

  2. Great set of Frags. The taxes will always get you. Then again, we'd have no roads, school etc. without them.

  3. I hate taxes, beyond the usual good ole American amount. We've been fighting for 8 months to get a $8000 refund they owe us for our 2007.

    It's kind of making me lose my mind.

    We finally got a new vacuum when we got a puppy last year. Our old one was 12 years old. I'm telling you shelling out the money for the Dyson was worth every single stinkin' penny. Here's hoping your new vacuum really sucks. (hehe)

    Happy Friday!

  4. PT doesn't stand for physical therapy, I SWEAR it stand for pain and torture!

  5. Those pillow pets are cute--I got one for Christmas! What a great gift for a college student!