Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments - Going Blank

How sad is this that I had thoughts of what to write for Friday Fragments all week and now that it is here I can't think of any? So I guess I'll just have to write about all the strange things going on in the world.

Police have arrested a man in California for dressing like a woman to use her medical ID card he stole. He did this at not one, not two but three different hospitals. How observant are the people working at these hospitals to not notice he was a man?

Pinterest can backfire on you. A teenager decided to follow one of those sayings that people post and texted a random person saying "I hid the body". Unfortunately for her she texted a policeman. She was tracked down, arrested and then released after a couple of hours.

A Cape Cod clinic is offering a deal for men who have been thinking of getting a vasectomy. They are throwing in a free pizza so you can veg on your couch afterwards watching basketball.

Did you hear about the 6 year old who made it to the National Spelling Bee? I don't know what child wants to spend that much time studying spelling. Perhaps a savant?

A man sold a cheeto that looked like a seahorse for $28 on ebay. I wonder how much one shaped like a turtle would sell for.

A woman gave birth to a 14 pound baby. 14 pounds! That's like two babies in one body. Yikes.

And so ends today's episode of totally useless weird things going on in the world. We now return to your regular scheduled blog reading.

Mommy's Idea


  1. I am very surprised they didn't ask for ID from the man. It's mandatory here.

    Then again it IS California.

    And probably the reason all your Friday fragments left your head is because you are so excited to see your girl. :D

    Have fun with her and a safe trip next week.

  2. Maybe the ladies picture looked like a guy. I have taken some pretty bad pics in my day. Who knows?

  3. I have had the snip...a free pizza does not make one feel better from the cruelest of cuts.

  4. Tony would like to know what clinic that is...

    He doesn't need the snip, but could seriously use the free pizza.

    I'll await your answer so he can pick it up tomorrow while he runs Oldest to a birthday party over the bridge. :)

  5. I read someone had a fish stick that looked like George Washington and got $500 on ebay last week.

  6. Crazy all around :) Very fun to read though so thanks :)