Monday, March 19, 2012

Hoochie Mama

I realize I live in Oklahoma which is a conservative state. As I'm walking to my meeting in Washington dc today, I passed a woman in a "hoochie mama" dress. You know the ones you look at and think they are either a "lady of the night" or is trying to spice up her sex life. But this was the daytime and she didn't look like a prostitute. I guess they just wear different things here.

She just better not come to Oklahoma wearing that or someone will ofer her $20 to get busy.


  1. Nothing more attractive with having your naughty parts hanging out.

  2. OMG this makes me laugh. One of my family members left his wife a few years ago (who I loved) and brought his new "friend" to visit. HOOCHIE MAMA was what I called her. (and still do) You should have seen what she wore to meet Tom's family. It was appalling. I think the hookers would have even blushed.