Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sonic Sweet Potato Tots

Sonic just came out with sweet potato tots. I'm really starting to want to eat anything sweet potato. I keep buying all the different chips at the store (hint, the cinammon apple mixture ones are good). So when I saw the ad I just got my craving going for these tots.
Don't these look yummy?

On the drive home last night from work I heard the ad. Then I became obsessed about getting some. I kept telling myself I didn't need them but then I thought oh yes I really do need them. Limited time only. No time to wait. So I stopped at the Sonic near my house (there seems to be a Sonic on every block here in town) and ordered the medium size. Prices were not listed but I saw the price for the regular ones so I had an idea. Boy was I wrong. $2.99 for medium. It was $1.50 more for sweet potatoes. That seems a little high. But I didn't care at that point...I wanted my sweet potato tots.

I waited and waited and waited. I was about a minute away from buzzing asking where my order was (they weren't that busy and really how long does it take to fry up tots). Then they showed up. I started driving home and couldn't resist opening the bag and tasting one. YUMMY! Not the shredded potato texture of a regular tot. No this was creamy with a crunchy outside. Just the right amount of salt on them. I ate half the container in the three minutes it took to drive home.

When I got home our neighbor was outside so I talked to him for an hour. I kept thinking my tots are getting cold. (Not to mention the half gallon of milk was sitting in my car). I was more worried about the tots. I finally got inside and scarfed down the rest of the container. Not as good cold but still tasty.

If the price was lower I would have to buy these more often. But I can't justify $3 for my sweet potato fix.

If Sonic would like to send me some coupons for free tots, I'd be happy to take them. Otherwise I didn't get any compensation for this review. Although I will fill out my survey from the receipt to get a free Route 44 drink next time I go.


  1. I cannot WAIT for my upcoming trip to OK City! You KNOW we're going to have to meet up for these tots, right? Promise me?!!! :)

  2. I will buy you as many sweet potato tots as you want. Do you think we can find a wine to go with them?

  3. Those sound awesome. I wish we had Sonic - I would get addicted.

  4. We don't have Sonics here. :(

    But I love sweet potato fries, and they seem to be popping up everywhere. :)