Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fragments - Good bye March

Time to join in with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments.

I'm so glad that this is the last work day of March. After the last two weeks, I hate March. And if you are a crisis, please don't land on my desk. I can only handle so many at one time.

I missed out on the four inches of rain we got while I was in DC. I did get to see everyone mowing their yards now that the weeds grass have started growing crazy. I'm not sure why people with a million dandelions think that mowing them will get rid of them. They just grow back.

I'm super excited about next week. One of my favorite bloggers will be in town for work and I'm having dinner with her. I'm sure photos and stories will be forthcoming.

My patience was very thin this week. I made the mistake of stopping for fast food (something that I only do in extreme situations) and proceeded to order a cheeseburger and fries. Sounds pretty simple right. I didn't ask for anything special. 15 minutes it took from the time I ordered until I got the food. I had to pull out of the drive thru so other cars could go through. A manager brought my my food and I had had enough and I lit into him (in a non-cursing/non-threatening way). He apologized and said they were short handed. Not an excuse in my book. Especially since I saw one employee outside smoking a cigarette and he said he had just gotten back. As a supervisor you suck it up and make sure the job is done. Believe me I've given up vacations because of being short staffed. He did ask what he could do to make it up and by that time I was finished and I said nothing. I won't be back there (eventhough it is close to the house). The food wasn't even scorching hot either.

In good news I got a couple of free redbox codes. I had gotten one off of a Chocolate Cheerios box (if you haven't eaten these, they are tasty) and got a Muppets movie to watch when Whitney was home. It obviously had a scratch so called to complain. They gave us two free codes. So I am getting three movies for free! Redbox has pretty good customer service.

I also made our final payment for the cruise in June. All of our cruise excursions are booked and paid for too. By the time the cruise comes along I won't have to pay for much. This cruise will be one of lots of firsts: zipline, helicopter ride, dog sled, small plane. Less than 3 months now!

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  1. Not only do the mowers cut the dandelions, but the seeds go flying all over and will soon land in your yard. It's dandelion littering! Should be a fine.

  2. This year seems to be going by like a blink.

  3. Chocolate Cheerios - - - if I only liked cereal I might try those!

  4. That was outrageously long to wait for a fast food place! I know they are slow sometimes but that was slower than slow! Your vacation cruise sounds very exciting--hope it goes as planned and you have a fantastic time!

  5. Four inches of rain?! Wow! Glad you're home now, and I'm excited for you--meeting blogging friends IRL is so fun.

    It helps me to not sweat the small stuff when I look at it this way: I think ahead and remember that a week from now, it won't be important.

    Thanks for linking up to FF! Have a great week! :)

  6. Wow, I’d be pretty furious about that wait too. Fast food barely counts as food in my opinion, so it’s ridiculous when they don’t get the ‘fast’ part right either. About the scratched DVD, I used to have that problem a lot when I used to rent from Redbox, one time one of the discs was even covered in jelly (I hope it was jelly). I’m not sure if it’s a difference in how the discs are treated or what, but I’ve yet to see anything like that since I switched to renting movies through Blockbuster @Home since my employer, DISH, released it a few months back. Maybe you should try it too. It has more options with streaming and movie channels, as well as the disc rentals, and I find it’s less hassle too. Not sure if having to return movies ever factors into your stress level, but it did mine.