Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Cooking

I knew we were going to cook this weekend because the freezer had been emptied of much of our leftovers (great way to save money). I was really looking forward to it. I posted about our Saturday dinner. We have enough leftovers for one more night of that dinner. Last night we made up a recipe. If you know us, we never do that. We always follow a recipe. We may change it seasoning-wise but we always follow it the original way first.

We had some pulled pork we had made in November with a new recipe that had Mexican flavors. It was so delicious we were going to make enchiladas with it eventually. This weekend was that time. Dan had saved the juices so we could put the tortillas in it for extra flavoring. The pork was just as tasty this time. But we didn't have an enchilada recipe. So we made it up. It turned out ok but definitely not an enchilada. It had the right flavors but didn't have the right sauce. We really need to find something with a sauce. There are only a couple left so only leftovers for one of us.

But now we have a quandry. What do we cook the rest of the week? I bought stuff to make a quiche and I do have one more package of baked ziti in the freezer. Perhaps we'll make the box of dirty rice Dan bought. That would feed us twice. I also printed out a crockpot recipe for country ribs with maple syrup that looked good. I have a batch of those frozen so we could make that later in the week.

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  1. I am the worst with planning meals. I do remember that years ago, I was trying to use up the extra meat from tacos, so I cooked a big pot of rice and threw the meat on top with some cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

    It's now one of the favorite meals.