Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I went shopping today. I needed a replacement sweater for the office. Somehow my sweater got a bunch of holes in it on the front. My office is so cold I have to keep the sweater around for year long comfort. So I went to kohls hoping they would still have some. I scored one very similar to what I had. Best part it was 80% off so it was $10. Plus I would get 20% more off with my kohls card. I sent Dan a text saying I found one on sale. He had to laugh a me because that's all I said. Not anything about liking it or a description just that it was on sale. That seems to be the only thing I ever say in my texts when buying clothes.

But I also got a new pair of sunglasses and a pillow for the couch on sale. I only spent $30 which I thought was a good deal

The new pillow goes well with the couch and the accent wall color. I'm starting to understand the neutral thing.

1 comment:

  1. That pillow is the exact color of our new couches. :) I think I need to go with a neutral color scheme with accents of blue.

    Either way, it means painting the living room...again...