Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring TV update

Figured it was about time for me to write an update of my tv viewing. A lot of my shows just ended so maybe that means less tv watching. Who am I kidding, I'll just find something new.

Shows that ended

Alcatraz ended last night. Really good finale and we don't know if it is getting renewed. It answered some questions, left some open, and had a death (maybe) so it would be easy to continue but I wouldn't feel cheated if it did end.

Project runway had mondo winning. Since he should have won his season, it was nice that he won. But only four days to create six looks? How about giving them fashion week? I felt sorry for Austin and Michael since they didn't get to do that.

Shows I'm giving up on

The Voice has just sucked this year. Seriously what are these judges listening to? I can hear the off key stuff and somehow they are the ones to be picked to go on. Guess what NBC, you just lost out on the best part of the show...allowing the non-pretty people a chance. I'm done with you.

Shows still on

Revenge just has to be the nest guilty pleasure show. I like that they showed us what happened on the beach. We feel like we are in the know but we get caught up in the twists and turns. It got picked up for a second season so I'm looking forward to where it can go from here.

The amazing race is ok this season. I like the border patrol guys. There cocky but not in an obnoxious way. They are my pick to win this season. Hope they don't lose out like the snowboarders did last time.

Person of interest is losing my interest a bit. Still watching but it doesnt have quite the spark I thought it would.

The chew is on at lunchtime so I tape it. I love Carla! And clinton Kelly is hysterical.

Smash I watch online the next day at lunchtime. Still not sure about it.

Upcoming shows

Food network is going to have another season of chopped all stars. I like these kind of shows because they all have talent and they aren't sniping at each other.

Little known shows

We just started watching unchained reaction. It is from the myth busters guys and two teams have to make A rube Goldberg machine. These people are seriously smart and talented.

Man, just looking at this list I'm tired. Maybe I should go watch some tv and veg out!


  1. I was sick when I saw that Mondo won. Can't stand him. I am an Austin fan. And Person of Interest will always hold my interest. Love that show.

  2. I don't know what this says about me, but don't watch ANY of those shows. I caught a little bit of The Voice last year and just didn't get it. I love Blake Shelton, but....