Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Cooking

So this weekend was cold and rainy. YES!!!! We needed that. So Saturday we made clam chowder. I don't think we've made this for a couple of years. About 10 years ago we went to New England and had good chowder and then we went to the Oregon coast and had more good chowder. Even Whitney ate it then. So we found one of those recipe sites that had "faux" restaurant recipes. The one we liked was Mo's so we found one similar. Of course it isn't as good as the real one since we use canned clams but hey, we live in Oklahoma. It's not like clams are just hanging out on our beaches.

Sunday I had some eggs I needed to use up so I created my own frittata recipe. I searched for different ones but I did make it up myself. It had spinach and bacon in it. I didn't feel like cutting and onion but it could have used that flavor. But it was a good attempt at making my own recipe.

Now we have leftovers of both but it is supposed to be high 70's to 80's all week. I'm not a big soup person with that kind of weather but I don't think it will freeze and keep until the next cold snap (since that will probably be November 2012). And I thawed out some country ribs to make in the crockpot this week. So the meals are taken care of for this week.

Next week...Whitney is home so it will be lots of her favorites I'm sure. Starting this Friday with Thunder Dan Pizza. The best pizza ever (according to Whitney and all her friends).


  1. HI Tracy! I can't email you because I don't have outlook but would love to meet up when I'm in OK City! :)

  2. HI Tracy! I can't email you because I don't have outlook but would love to meet up when I'm in OK City! :)

  3. If your chowder has potatoes in it then you can't freeze it anyway. They get nasty and separate. Per chance would you like to share your recipe? I LOVE clam chowder and I actually have clams in my pantry. Sounds yummy.

    Have fun with Whitney. We just dropped Squirrel off yesterday and I miss her already. Oh, and her first night home we had take out Chinese because they can't get [afford] it at college. She was in heaven. Gotta' say, the bite I had was pretty darn tasty. Enjoy!

  4. I love Mo's. A trip to the coast isn't complete until we have a bowl of clam chowder with cheese bread. Soooooo good. Have a great day.