Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fireworks

I refuse to go out to the town's display of fireworks for several reasons. First of all DisneyWorld has spoiled me on fireworks. Second it is too darn hot out there and crowded. So I watched the three major fireworks displays on tv.

Photo from Boston Globe
1.CBS did a great job with the Boston fireworks. These are top of the list. They held the camera pretty steady on the display so those of us at home could actually watch them. Thank you for a great display.

2. NBC was ok on the New York City fireworks. They shoot off simultaneous ones so it wasn't quite the spectacular display as Boston which was more concentrated. Also the camera shots kept trying to get close ups and that never works on fireworks.

3. PBS sucked at the Washington DC fireworks. I'm sure that these are absolutely fabulous in person. But I wouldn't know because every three seconds the camera was going to another angle. I was getting dizzy trying to watch. And then they kept trying to show the bands playing. I'm watching for the fireworks, not to watch the band. Then they cut away before they were even over to end the broadcast. Poor planning and I doubt I'll watch them again.

CBS did a good job in the music choices. Having only one singer and then having the patriotic sing-a-long was just right. I just want fireworks.

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