Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weather Update

We did it! We finally had a day that was below 100 degrees. And it rained! Woohoo!

Yesterday somehow we were blessed with rain. This is after our city and many around us have gone on water rationing. (I have come up with some creative ways to conserve water but everyone seems to be against me not bathing). It started with some lightning and thunder and dark clouds up north. Then we had a few drops. Then it rained. I finally got home from work and it seemed to be over. But no, we had a huge wind come through and then bam, a true downpour. It was so wonderful. I wanted to go out in it and get wet but it was lightning and I thought that was a little too dangerous.

The air was very humid but much cooler. Not cool enough to open the windows but the air conditioning didn't run as much.

Of course today is going to be hot but I think we might avoid 100 degrees again today. Cross our fingers on that one.

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